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Matchy matchy rolled down socks

Whatever happened to wearing layered socks?

When I was in grade school it was all the rage.

Black, white, and red outfit? Layered red and white socks folded down carefully to see each and worn with black shoes.

Teal and pink? Well then, teal and pink socks it is. both sock, on both feet.

For every outfit there were two pairs of coordinating socks.

And not only were the socks coordinating, everything else was as well.

Scrunchie, earrings (hoops!) in two colors, jelly bracelets, and on and on and on.

Everything was matching.

Funny how times change.

There are some days now where I’ll actually change if I feel like I’m matching too well.

I certainly like to have coordinated color schemes and a nice belt/shoe pairing (on the increasingly rare occasion i’m not just wearing flip-flops), but beyond that there is no more matchy matchy.

Seems every trend comes ‘round again sooner or later….

So I’m just wondering, where are the rolled down, double layered socks?


Q for you: Did you do the double roll down layered sock look?