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Soap-boxing and mouth-shutting

My heart is weighed heavily right now about big things:

Parenting, marriage, politics, the church.

And how it’s all wrapped up together.

I have strong opinions on most things in life – always have.

But I realize opinions must be carefully shared.

Sometimes social media (public broadcasting at our fingertips) tempts us into soapboxing before we really know what we’re soap-boxing about (or why).


This is why I’m being quiet for the moment, even on things I feel passionate about.

Because it’s not just about the speaker, it’s about the hearer.

And sometimes words just aren’t good enough to convey.



Q for you: Are you voicing your opinions publicly about the “hot issues” of today? Why? (Or why not?)



p.s. Have you noticed I missed two days this last week? Yeah, 3500 birth kits have kept me busy. Last night I realized I hadn’t written here as my head was hitting the pillow. Wisdom told me to skip “discipline”, and even be relaxed about it, so I did.


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Fear and love and letting go

If I’m honest with myself I can see a few areas of fear in my life:

Fear of doing something that I feel is important but turns out to be viewed by others insignificant or a waste of time.

Fear of doing something that has the potential to be much bigger than I think I can handle.

Fear of offending someone by offering an alternative opinion.

Fear of not being able to finish what I start.

Fear of being misunderstood.

All of us have fears, and if we’re not careful our fears can paralyze us, keep us from even attempting to move beyond hte comfortable here-and-now.

As someone who is not typically “fearful” by personality, I’ve been thinking about fear a bit lately. I’ve seen it creep into areas of my writing and sharing and living and… I don’t like it.

Since I’m a Christian, my view of fear directly stems from my understanding of scripture and of God’s character. The bible says that “perfect love drives out fear”. If that’s the case, then I must need more “perfect love” in my life.

I also know that fear correlates with my view of God adn my attitude toward him.

Do I place his opinion above that of others? (In “christianese” we call this fear of hte Lord vs. fear of man.)

So how about facing some of tehse fears? How about trusting on a new level?

How about letting go just a little bit more?

How about choosing fear of the Lord?



Q for you: What do you do when you recognize fear creeping into your life?




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Changing my mind

I’m a very decisive person.

it’s not hard for me to make up my mind.

And usually, I stick with it.

I’m an instinctual decision-maker, rarely weighing things up very much.

“going wit h my gut” has always worked well for me. (Mostly.)

Even though I’m decisive, doesn’t mean I’m unwaivering.

I do change my mind. But if my mind is to be changed, there has to be a really good reason. Generally I don’t fluff around with my stance on things.

But lately I’ve been really challenged in my thinking in one area.

I don’t even know where to pinpoint the source of my challenge…

Something I’ve read? A conversation I’ve had?

Not really.

I’ts more internal, more intuitive.

I think it’s God.

So I’m trying to “weigh” my views, my opinions, my take on this one area.

(I’m being vague, aren’t I? I know.)

But this one’s different, it’s bigger. I can’t just blab about it until I’m sure. (Or at least more sure.)

(And this blog is a bit of a blab.)

Interesting place to be in… changing my mind on something that’s important to me. Like, really important.

But I’m ok with that. I have to be.

The moment I’m absolutely closed to chaning my mind about something is probably the same moment that I’ve lost all shred of humility.

(We don’t want to go there, now do we?)

So I think I’m changing my mind…

But I’m not sure yet.



Q for you: Have you ever changed your mind on a “big” issue, a value issue?




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