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A fifteen hour work day. Again.

At 10:00pm tonight I had finally finished with unpacking the groceries, putting away the clean dishes, loading the dirty ones in the dishwasher, finishing the laundry, and giving a quick wipe of the kitchen sink and counters.

That’s a fifteen hour work day right there. And that’s not including checking or responding to emails or anything ‘admin’ related. (Or personal stuff – like writing here on my wee blog!)

I’m not saying that to complain (though sometimes I desperately want to complain about it).

I’m saying it because I used to think it really sucked when I had to work late – until 6:00 or 7:00pm.

And now here I am at 10:00pm and I’m just now sitting down alone for the first time today. (When your job is like mine you work through your “lunch break” on a daily basis.)

The thought of sitting down in the evenings and zoning out in front of the telly is very appealing, but even that seems hard to come by these days.

I’m not sure why it’s taken me almost 2.5 years, but I think I’m just now figuring out how different my life really is since having kids.

I’m just now figuring out that I actually can’t compare it to “life before” when it comes to work hours and down time or else I just get depressed!

I wouldn’t trade my job if I could. Really.

But it is hard, and tiring, and consuming.

I have days (like yesterday) when I’m ready to call up a day care centre and see how much it costs to send the kids there. Seriously.

While at the same time I know what an absolute privilege it is that I’m able to stay home with my kids. (Something not every mom who desires to is able to do.)

I’m blessed. Tired, and blessed.

(And for the record, I know that everyone has days they want to quit their job. Being a SAHM isn’t any different – I realize that.)


Tomorrow morning I will get up and start all over again.




Q for you: Are you a SAHM? If so, are you deliberate about “clocking off” at a certain hour? Or do you find yourself pulling lots of late nights like me? How do you build in margin??




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Going away and coming home

I just returned from the most refreshing three days I’ve had in a long time.

Judah and I went to Sydney where I met up with friends–most of whom I haven’t seen in five years–and visited family.

We ate Thai. We picnicked in the park. We got absorbed in the city. We talked about deep and meaningful issues. We walked miles and miles and miles, pushing strollers all the way.

I had pockets of “alone” time – small ones – but enough to remember how much I love breathing city air and merging into the bustle. (Alone time, meaning just Judah and I.)

There were special moments between my son and I that are hard to articulate, but I’m so grateful for. We’re closer because of it.

It’s hard to explain why this weekend was so perfect, but it just was.

And as I collapsed  into bed last night – exhausted and sore – I had a smile on my face knowing that I’d wake up and go home again.

Home to my family, home to my loves, home to my heart.

Going away is amazing. But coming home is even better.

(I missed this guy.)

I’m so grateful for this weekend away. My heart is truly full.



Q for you: Have you been away lately? Do you love coming home as much as I do?




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The one about boredom (and how it’s foreign to me)

I can’t remember the last time I was bored.

I never get bored.

It might even be impossible for me to get bored.

I’m one of those types that always has more to do (or that I want to do) than I have time for.

A few weeks ago I was whining to my husband about this. (Actually, I was crying.)

Wht’s wrooooong with me? Why can’t I seem to find more margin in my life?

He told me that even if I had less “to do” I would find more “to do” to fill my time. That’s just who I am. I never will be a sit-around person.

You know what? He’s right.

I’m like htat. a do-er.

A million ideas sdn things and chores and projects and… did I already say ideas? and only 24 hours in teh day.

When he said that to me it didn’t make me mad. It atually helped me to relax a little.

This is just who I am. And as long as I can be who i am without stressing about it (key right tehre, folks) then everything will be just fine. Life will be full and I will be loving it.

But i can’r stress about it. I can’t. THAT will destroy me.

I’m reminding myslef this today as I just finished my dinner at 9:20pm. I’m pretty beat and the only time I’ve sat down today was to feed my baby. (God-ordained rests for mothers of littles, i’m convinced.)

And now the day is over – too tired to “do” anything today.

All I have to show for the day is a husband and two littles who have been fed and diapered adn hugged and played with. (well, i didn’t diaper my husband, thank God.)

And a clean kitchen. yay for hte clean kitchen.

Laundry will just have to wait until tomorrow. There’s always tomorrow.


Q for you: What do you do when you get bored? (Do you get bored?)


P.S. Judah was having a hold-me-pretty-much-all-day-long kind of day today. (Must be a phase, he’s had a lot of them lately.) It was tiring, but I eventually just caved, burned my list, and hung out with him. It was fun. Hanging with the littles is always fun.

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