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The one about boredom (and how it’s foreign to me)

I can’t remember the last time I was bored.

I never get bored.

It might even be impossible for me to get bored.

I’m one of those types that always has more to do (or that I want to do) than I have time for.

A few weeks ago I was whining to my husband about this. (Actually, I was crying.)

Wht’s wrooooong with me? Why can’t I seem to find more margin in my life?

He told me that even if I had less “to do” I would find more “to do” to fill my time. That’s just who I am. I never will be a sit-around person.

You know what? He’s right.

I’m like htat. a do-er.

A million ideas sdn things and chores and projects and… did I already say ideas? and only 24 hours in teh day.

When he said that to me it didn’t make me mad. It atually helped me to relax a little.

This is just who I am. And as long as I can be who i am without stressing about it (key right tehre, folks) then everything will be just fine. Life will be full and I will be loving it.

But i can’r stress about it. I can’t. THAT will destroy me.

I’m reminding myslef this today as I just finished my dinner at 9:20pm. I’m pretty beat and the only time I’ve sat down today was to feed my baby. (God-ordained rests for mothers of littles, i’m convinced.)

And now the day is over – too tired to “do” anything today.

All I have to show for the day is a husband and two littles who have been fed and diapered adn hugged and played with. (well, i didn’t diaper my husband, thank God.)

And a clean kitchen. yay for hte clean kitchen.

Laundry will just have to wait until tomorrow. There’s always tomorrow.


Q for you: What do you do when you get bored? (Do you get bored?)


P.S. Judah was having a hold-me-pretty-much-all-day-long kind of day today. (Must be a phase, he’s had a lot of them lately.) It was tiring, but I eventually just caved, burned my list, and hung out with him. It was fun. Hanging with the littles is always fun.

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