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Sometimes I forget I’m American. But not during the olympics.

Sometimes I forget I’m American.

I’ve lived here for twelve years now and so–with a few exceptions–it’s all fairly “normal” to me. I’m always caught off guard when checkout chicks ask me how my holidays are going.


And then I remember that I have an accent.

Oh yeah, I’m a foreigner.

There are, however, a few times that I’m keenly aware of being American.

One is during voting season. I can’t not be interested in American politics. Sometimes I wish I didn’t care… but that’s never really going to happen so I just try and keep up from a distance the best I can.

The other time is during the Olympics.

I’m not a very athletic person. I’m not super patriotic either.

But I do find it easy to get swept up in the romance and excitement and competition and pageantry of it all.

Living in Australia, of course they are televising all of the events that include Australians. This means we’ve seen a lot of rowing and swimming and dressage. (yawn)

Side note: How is a horsie dog show even in the Olympics anyway? Isn’t the Olympics for human competitions? *sigh* Crazy. 

Anyway, I’ve gotten really frustrated with the lack of coverage for Olympic events that I want to see. You know, the ones with Americans in them. (Hello women’s gymnastics with the US taking out the gold. Totally missed that. Arg!)

But there is one that I’ve gotten to see over and over – Michael Phelps. What a freak that guy is. Love or hate America, how can you not love a superhuman guy like that?

When you see an athlete perform like he does, it’s hard not to be amazed. Nationality goes out the door and it becomes about appreciation for what they guy can do. (Well, unless you’re Australian and insanely jealous – heh heh! or American and insanely proud – ha!)

Mr. Bolt, Mr. Jordan, Mr. Woods, Mr. Ruth, Mr, Federer, Ms. Komenechi (who the heck knows how to spell Nadia’s name, anyway?). These are a few athletes that belong in a league of their own.

Team USA or not, I applaud Phelps for retiring on top of the world.


(And don’t tell the Aussies, but shhhhhhhh, yup, I’m kinda glad he’s American.)


Q for you: Do you get into the Olympics much? 




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Confession: I’m a sucker for reality TV

We love reality tv shows around here. LOVE.

Not what you’re thinking (Jersey Shores, The Bachelor). We love the talent competition ones.

First it was American Idol. Then, Australian Idol.

Then it was So You Think You Can Dance, the American version. (Yes, Ryan liked it just as much as me!!)

When that wore off, we got right into Master Chef for one or two seasons, the Aussie one.

That one got annoying because it was on six nights a week. SIX. (And it’s highly addictive!! Who wants to be “chained” to a show nearly every night a week?!!!)

Last year we got into The Block and Top Design. I was kinda obsessed with these shows. Seriously. I lovelovelove design and decorating. Ryan was almost equally into it. (It would be hard to equal my passion on this one.)

This year? Well, the Block is on again. (Yayyayayay!) But we’re also now ADDICTED to The Voice – the Aussie version.

The judges – Seal, Delta, Keith, Joel. Hello, they are the perfect line up!!

I think Ryan has a celebrity man-crush on Keith Urban. And I so get it – he’s so adorable!

And Delta just might be the most beautiful woman on the planet. Pretty sure I gush about her every ad break.

Joel is hilarious in a wear-it-on-your-sleeve kind of way. (He annoyed us as first and has now won both of us over.)

And then there’s Seal. (Need I say more?)

And the competitors? So. Awesome. So. Talented.

We were so excited to watch it tonight that we actually let Levi watch the first 1/2 hour with us since it started at 6:30.

As strange as this sounds… I felt like such a “real” little family sitting there, all watching The Voice together. Flash back 20 years and we would have been gathered around the little tely watching Young Talent Time.

Levi was captivated! Of course he’s obsessed with music so it was right up his ally… but I think there was also the I’m-up-at-night-watching-tv-like-a-big-boy-with-mom-and-dad factor that was pretty fun for him too.

Even Judah woke up so that he could be a part of the action. (cheeky baby.)

I so enjoyed having my boys piled on the couch with us as we enjoyed good music and watching people step out in faith to pursue their dreams.

We couldn’t help but wonder as we were watching… what would we do if one of our littles were on that stage one day?



Q for you: Reality TV – yay or nay??



p.s. Another confession: I went over time today. Like a minute.


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The loop (And staying in it)

My favorite newsy show moved from 7pm to 6pm and I haven’t seen it in weeks. Maybe months.

By the time we get the kids both into bed it’s 7:00 or 7:30pm and by the time I do my rounds picking up the house, changing over the laundry, or whatever else needs to be done, I’m often not sitting down until at least 8:00.

The last thing I want to do at 8:00 at night is to “read the paper” so to speak. I want to browse pinterest, check out facebook or instagram, and maybe watch some “compelling” television. (My favorite right now is the Voice – Australia’s edition just started.)

Sometimes I write at night, or edit photos.

And if I’m up for it, I might get some “work” done like answering emails or making lists for whatever it is I’m working on at the time.

But this “disappearing” program (and my lack of ambition to find my news online) means that I’m woefully behind on current events.

This is all very strange for me.

Normally I love keeping up-to-date. I love following the politics (hello, it’s an election year!!). I love being abreast of the latest breaking story.

But I don’t like to use my online time to read the news. I’d much prefer social networks or reading blogs or just researching stuff that I’m learning about. (Like googling “what to do with your lucky bamboo when it grows too tall”. True story. Mine’s grown way too tall and I have no idea what to do with it.)

So since I’m not reading much news online and I’m missing out on my favorite news show, I’m totally out of the loop.

And being out of hte loop makes me feel ignorant. And lazy.

I guess I’d better get in the loop again.



Q for you: How do you stay current on world events? Is it important to you?




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On a scale of 1 to 10, what’s your pain level? (Um, huh?)

I’ve never been in an ambulance before.

Even as they were loading me in I was already starting to feel better.

The morphine was taking effect.

before the paramedics arrived I lay on the floor wondering what was wrong with me, wishing it would all go away. (Who likes pain?)

“It feels like I’m in labor again,” I told my husband. “The worst part.”

Sharp pains in my side followed by vomitting and numb fingers and arms before the pain wrapped around to my back as well.


I was so glad that Levi was napping and couldn’t see the fuss.

As much as I knew I needed help I also felt weird and uncomfortable that we needed to call the ambulance.

Wasn’t hte ambulance for really injured people – like car wreck victims? And dying people?

I was neither.

I was in pain though, perhaps the worst pain I’ve ever experienced apart from birthing Judah. Or maybe it was worse. (Pain is hard to compare, isn’t it?)

Side note: I always think it’s funny when they ask you what your pain level is on a scale of 1 to 10. I mean, it’s all so relative, right? What’s a 10?? Having your body crushed under a bulldozer? What’s a 1? A bee sting? *sigh*

All I could think about on the way to the hospital was that I was glad it was me strapped into that bed, and not one of my babies.

it all felt so dramatic. (Really? We really need an ambulance? Debatable. Maybe I should have been tougher…?)

And yet it didn’t feel dramatic like I’d expect an ambulance ride to feel. (Hello, too much television.) As the meds kicked in I felt very aware of most of what was happening.

The ambos were nice and funny and gentle adn reasonable.

Turns out I may have passed a kidney stone. Or I may not have.

THe morphine made it hard to tell.

(But they did rule out a burst appendix, so that’s the good news.)

Now all we have to do is wait and see if it happens again. (To know whether or not it actually passed.) If it deos, my instructions are to call the ambulance and ask for morphine, STAT.

The doctor told us not to bother trying to drive to the hospital. Get the ambulance there immediately to start the pain relief. Apparently it’s “worse than labor”. I’ve yet to google and check it all out for myself. (Yes, I’m one of those – self-diagnosers… I don’t like going to the doctor unless I really, really need to.)

After a few hours of waiting around Emergency adn seeing a couple of doctors, I was home and feeling perfectly fine as if nothing had ever happened.

Strange day.

All was back to normal… though I was a little more vulnerable on the inside. I may have lingered with my boys a little longer int eh back yard before calling everyone in for baths and dinner. And I may have held my baby for 30 minutes after he was already asleep before putting him to bed.

But other than that, life goes on as it always does.

Not hte way I had planned on spending my Saturday afternoon.

But an interesting one, nonetheless.



Q for you: When’s the last time you had a big change of plans for your day? Have you ever ridden in an ambulance?



p.s. Mom, I know you read my blog without fail, even if no one else does. Rest assured I’m totally fine. Totally. If I wasn’t, we would’ve called. Really. 🙂 And for my own records, I went two minutes over time today.


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Quiet noise

It was 2:00 in the afternoon and the house was still. One baby slept in the room down the hall, another baby slept in the next room.

Outside there were a few muffled noises from traffic in the distance – not invasive, just the sort that provide a hum and a rhythm.

I’m no bird person, but I could distinctly hear at least four different kinds of birds chriping and singing outside. (Mmmm… one of my favorite things about living in the tropics.)

THe dishwasher swished from the freshly cleaned kitchen.

The dryer tossed and sent out occasional cracks of noise from a zipper clinking the metal.

All around was a glorious stillness and quiet in the gentle, loud din of life sounds.

Quiet noise. That’s all.

That beautiful space void of television or voices or crying… even music.

Just the sounds of house and home and the world spinning by outside.

Sun peeked through the window and a slight breeze shifted the curtains.

The to-do list lay face-down on the coffee table and hte computer screen remained shut.

I stretched out the entire length of hte couch to reflect and breathe and be, trying desperately to shut out the noise of my own mind…

And an hour later I woke up.



Q for you: When’s the last time you enjoyed some quiet noise?




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Adriel also writes (using spell check!) on motherhood and parenting at The Mommyhood Memos

Cricket. Snore……

I do’t have a lot of time to watch tv, even though I really enjoy it.

Often when I do have the time (in the evenings after the kiddos are n bed) I’d rather write, blog, or edit photos. Ryan will watch something and I’ll edit photos becoming absorbed in them without realy noticing the tely much.

The one time of day I really do like to watch tv is while eating my lunch.

Ellen and the View are both on from 12:00 to 2:00, so often I’m able to catch part of either one of those shows after the boys are down for their naps. (For the record, I do miss Oprah. muah.)

I figure it’s good practice for me to sit down and actually STOP while I eat, so watcing TV is a good incentive for me. If I’m not on the tely then no doubt I’ll continue flitting around the house – laundry, tidying up, cleaning the kitchen – in between bites.

Tely at lunch ensures I have a “rest”, even if it’s only a half an hour.

But some days I sit down with my lunch, flip on channel nine, and find… CRICKET.

Summer and cricket are synomomous in Australia. And channel nine is the cricket channel much to my dismay.

The problem is not that they play it, the problem is that they play it INSTEAD of the only two decent daytime tv shows that are free-to-air.

And not only that… but crickets last all day for five days.


What kind of a game is that anyway?

I call it a party pooper game.

Might as well just go finish the laundry.




Q for you: Do you watch tv while you eat? Maybe I should use that time to read instead. Hmmmmmmm……




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Terra Nova shwerra wova (a silly, silly television show)

Is there a worse show on television this year than Terra Nova?


The trailers for it looked exciting and interesting… But it so doesn’t deliver.

It’s neither exciting nor intersting.

I’m pretty sure my husband is the only one that watches this show.

He’s not as picky as I am when it comes to acting, obviously. Because this show’s actors? Most of them are just plain silly.

(Yes, maybe there are a few gems, but overall? Silly.)

And the story line?

S i l l y.

Please Terra Nova, quit trying to be all LOST-like. You are not. You will never be. You are. not. good. 

Waive your white flag now before you’re lying maimed and tortured and hanging by a thread of your dear life. Give. Up.

If this show makes it past season one I will fall off my chair. (Which would be hard to do considering I’m sittgin on the bed.)


Eli Stone.

Now there’s a show that I enjoyed that didn’t make it past season one.


If you missed it, think Ally McBeal meets… I don’t know. Some other attorney show that I can’ tthink of the anme of right now. You know, the one with that one lady in it? And hte shoe shop? Tipofmytonguebuticantthinkofit…. Bah!

So then, if not Terra Nova, what is the new show to watch this year?

I’m htnking maybe Homeland? One episode tonight and I must admit I’m sucked in… looking forward to nect week. [Disclaimer: there was one very dodgy scene and a few swear words that I was surprised by. Hmmm.]

And the New Girl. Looking forward to checking out the New Girl. (How can anyone not love Zooey?)


Nerds that critique tv adn acting that we know nothing about.

Maybe that shouldn’t be plural?

Nerd. – just me.

Yes, I am. A nerd. (Does anyone still use hte word “nerd” anymore?)


I miss LOST.


Q for you: Please tell me you don’t watch Terra Nova. Every so often I watch it with Ryan, thinking surely it gets better… But it never does. Ever. What are you watching right now?


P.S. And then there is Modern Family, in a league entirely of it’s own. As long as Gloria and Phil and Cameron and Luke are in my life I will continue to believe that good television still exists. (By the way, did anyone see Luke on Ellen? That kid’s hilarious.)

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