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Terra Nova shwerra wova (a silly, silly television show)

Is there a worse show on television this year than Terra Nova?


The trailers for it looked exciting and interesting… But it so doesn’t deliver.

It’s neither exciting nor intersting.

I’m pretty sure my husband is the only one that watches this show.

He’s not as picky as I am when it comes to acting, obviously. Because this show’s actors? Most of them are just plain silly.

(Yes, maybe there are a few gems, but overall? Silly.)

And the story line?

S i l l y.

Please Terra Nova, quit trying to be all LOST-like. You are not. You will never be. You are. not. good. 

Waive your white flag now before you’re lying maimed and tortured and hanging by a thread of your dear life. Give. Up.

If this show makes it past season one I will fall off my chair. (Which would be hard to do considering I’m sittgin on the bed.)


Eli Stone.

Now there’s a show that I enjoyed that didn’t make it past season one.


If you missed it, think Ally McBeal meets… I don’t know. Some other attorney show that I can’ tthink of the anme of right now. You know, the one with that one lady in it? And hte shoe shop? Tipofmytonguebuticantthinkofit…. Bah!

So then, if not Terra Nova, what is the new show to watch this year?

I’m htnking maybe Homeland? One episode tonight and I must admit I’m sucked in… looking forward to nect week. [Disclaimer: there was one very dodgy scene and a few swear words that I was surprised by. Hmmm.]

And the New Girl. Looking forward to checking out the New Girl. (How can anyone not love Zooey?)


Nerds that critique tv adn acting that we know nothing about.

Maybe that shouldn’t be plural?

Nerd. – just me.

Yes, I am. A nerd. (Does anyone still use hte word “nerd” anymore?)


I miss LOST.


Q for you: Please tell me you don’t watch Terra Nova. Every so often I watch it with Ryan, thinking surely it gets better… But it never does. Ever. What are you watching right now?


P.S. And then there is Modern Family, in a league entirely of it’s own. As long as Gloria and Phil and Cameron and Luke are in my life I will continue to believe that good television still exists. (By the way, did anyone see Luke on Ellen? That kid’s hilarious.)

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