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Enjoying the small things, wholeheartedly

It’s easy to take for granted, isn’t it? Especially the small things.

Like bathtubs and quiet hours and good books.

This morning the boys went out for a walk along the Strand while I stayed in our hotel room and drew a hot bath.

I can’t actually remember the last time I had a bath. We only have a shower stall at home, so when we came to the hotel with a clean, white bathtub I knew I needed to make sure to bury myself in it at some point.

After the boys left I filled the tub, boiled the kettle and made myself a cup of tea, put a small lamp in the bathroom so I wouldn’t need the bright overhead lights, and settled in with a book.

Music played on the ipad a few feet away until I realized, wait, I never get this – the sound of silence – and quickly turned it off.

I let my tired muscles soak and my weary soul drink of Ann’s rich words.

Today would be a day I would not take for granted. I would not let it slip by without making it matter.

Small things, normal things, beautiful things.

The boys returned, bounding in with squeals and mommmyyyyyyy! just as I finished drying off my pruned up skin.

I was ready to see them again, missing them.

Clean and grateful I pulled my robe around my middle and went out to embrace my little balls of endless energy.

Enjoying the small things, wholeheartedly.



Q for you: When is the last time you really enjoyed the small things?




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Do you have rules for yourself that you sometimes wish you didn’t?

Recently I found a stack of thank you cards that I never finished. Some are from Levi’s birthday (January). THe others are from Christmas.

Can I just say how devastating this is?

I have a personal value that gifts should always be acknowledged by a thank you card. It’s something I try to always do.

For both of these occasions I printed out cute cards that I made myself. (Put a little effort into it already, you know?)

I have my lists of who needs to be thanked.

And then they got buried under the mounds of other stuff in that one cubby hole in my office shelves that I avoid that’s full of things to be filed and paperwork to sort out…

and never saw the light of day again until… later.

Much later.

Now we are looking at three and four months late.

What do I do?

Chalk it up as a thank you fail and move on?

Of write the cards with a “better late than never” mentality? (Almost more embarassing, I think?)

Would people be blessed to receive a thank you this far down the track? Or is that just weird.

I’m seriously considering moving on… but then there’s this thing. This thing I have about doing them.


Does this happen to anyone else? Do you have “rules” for yourself that you sometimes wish you didn’t but that you also don’t want to give up because you think they;re important? (And was that a long, non-sensical sentence, or what?)

Help me.



Q for you: What’s one of your personal “things” that you just have to do… but sometimes with you didn’t?




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The goodness of starting fresh

“He is risen!”


“Jesus is Lord!”

Christians say all of these things (and more), but especially on EAster.

And for good reason.

The fact that God became man, moved into our neighborhood, taught people how to follow truth, and then died by incredible injustice… only to come back to life a few days later? Um, pretty amazing. Weird and amazing.

But today as much as I thought of these types of phrases over and over, trying to make one fit… they just didn’t really. (And that’s not for lack of belief or conviction.)

No. Today the words I just kept thinking over and over were…

“God is good.”

Yes, it’s another Chritian cliche… but also for good reason.

You see, God is good. So incredibly good. So amazingly good that he came so that all things and all people might be renewed – made new, born again, given life…

I love all of the metaphores of life that we use to celebrate Easter – the eggs, the flowers, the spring chickens and bunnies.

All of them represent life starting fresh.

And Easter is a time to remember life starting fresh and all of the possibility and wonder and beauty that comes with it.

We remember Jesus’ life starting fresh all over again. But we also remember our own.

Our life that is fresh every. single. day. because of the goodness of a very great God.

So as I draw a close to my very, very good Easter day, I go to sleep with that phrase on my mind – God is good.

And that is for many reasons… including “He is risen, indeed.”

I’m so thankful for my life-giving Jesus.



Q for you: What does Easter mean to you?




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