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The difference between men and women

First of all let me say that this will not be a man-bashing post. nope. None of that allowed here. I love my man and if anyone bashes him, well, I’d want to bash them next.

Except that I’m not a violent person. So I wouldn’t actually bash them.

But that’s another subject.

So yeah, the diffference between men and women…

Yes men are generally bigger, taller, stronger (generalizzations here folks – don’t get all uptight on me), and yes they have different – ahem – parts.

But here is the easiest way to tell a man and a woman apart:

Leave a spill on the counter and observe how they clean it up.

Do they reach for the washcloth in the sink? Woman.

Do they reach fo rthe hand towel (tea towel)? Man.

Why do they doooooo this? (Obviously it’s because they don’t usually do the laundry. I am always trying to cut back on laundry.)

Again, getting back to subject.

Clothes in the hamper? Woman.

Clothes on top of or next to the hamper? Man.

Cupboard door closed after a mug is pulled out? woman.

Cupboard door open after a mug is pulled out? man.

(Same geos with drawers! Whyyyyyyy?)

You see it’s really not rocket science. There are very simple ways to identify gender.

And finally, you can tell a man and a woman apart very simply. Here’s how:

A woman says “nothing” when asked what’s wrong… But really wants to you say “no really, what’s wrong?”

And a man says “nothing” when asked what’s wrong and he just actually means “nothing.”

So in case you ever wondered how to tell the difference between men and women … there are my go-to tips.

You too can easily do this experiement in your home


Q for you: How do you tell the differnence between the men and women in your home/life/circle of friends?

[For the record, I’m not counting the Q for you in my five-minute limit. Just keeping it real here friends.]