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Why talking about money is fun, not boring

No one likes to talk about money.

At least not on a personal level.

We talk about investments and the economy and “out there” stuff, but most like to keep talk of their personal paychecks private.

Today I wrote a post about finances for another blog that’s soon to launch (where I’ve been asked to be a regular contributor – more about that soon). And, although I usually think the topic of finance is a little boring…

I was totally into it.

I mean, like really, really diggin it.

Because when you know God, and are connected to him, it becomes not just about numbers in a bank account or dollars in your pocket, it becomes about understanding him and his ways. (And, oh how I love knowing him and his ways!)

There’s a verse in Luke that talks about how he provides for the ravens and how much “more valuable” we are than them.

And that’s it! That’s the key!

God provides for us because we’re worth it. We’re worth it.

Did you catch that? Cuz it goes for you too.

He also provides for us because that’s who he is – our Provider. Capital P. That’s what he does. He can’t not be himself.

Money can be a difficult thing – when it rules us, when it seems we are in lack, when it’s squandered, when we idolize it, etc. But it can also be a really beautiful thing.

Jesus never shied away from talking about money.

So why do we?

We need it. We want it. We can even use it as a tool to worship him and bless others.

I’m so glad he thinks I’m worth it.


Q for you: Do you struggle with talking about money? Did you know that God thinks you’re worth it?


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Enjoying the small things, wholeheartedly

It’s easy to take for granted, isn’t it? Especially the small things.

Like bathtubs and quiet hours and good books.

This morning the boys went out for a walk along the Strand while I stayed in our hotel room and drew a hot bath.

I can’t actually remember the last time I had a bath. We only have a shower stall at home, so when we came to the hotel with a clean, white bathtub I knew I needed to make sure to bury myself in it at some point.

After the boys left I filled the tub, boiled the kettle and made myself a cup of tea, put a small lamp in the bathroom so I wouldn’t need the bright overhead lights, and settled in with a book.

Music played on the ipad a few feet away until I realized, wait, I never get this – the sound of silence – and quickly turned it off.

I let my tired muscles soak and my weary soul drink of Ann’s rich words.

Today would be a day I would not take for granted. I would not let it slip by without making it matter.

Small things, normal things, beautiful things.

The boys returned, bounding in with squeals and mommmyyyyyyy! just as I finished drying off my pruned up skin.

I was ready to see them again, missing them.

Clean and grateful I pulled my robe around my middle and went out to embrace my little balls of endless energy.

Enjoying the small things, wholeheartedly.



Q for you: When is the last time you really enjoyed the small things?




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On the life of leisure and slicing grapes

I spent my morning pretending I was a woman of leisure.

Since Judah provided me an eventful night and I woke up groggy and TI-ERD this morning, I knew we had to get out of the house. If we stayed home I would never survive until nap time.

By 9:15 we were out the door (a small feat in itself) and down at the Strand to play at the Pirate Park. Levi climbed and played and jumped while Judah and I hung out on a blanket in the shade. Now and then I’d get up and play with Levi for a while, keeping Judah in my line of vision or bringing him along, perched on my hip.

it was gorgeous – clear blue skies, a perfect 80(ish) degrees, light breeze. Tiny waves crashed in the background.

We ate morning tea, we played “duck duck goose” with some older kids that we met (3 and 4 year olds!), and I taught Levi how to climb backwards off the knotted rope ladders.

After our play we took a walk. Within seconds Judah was asleep so I decided to go for a long enough walk that he could have a decent nap before heading back home.

We walked past cafes and shops and I made one little detour into a boutique that is way out of my league. I admired a cute little wooden truck ($45) and a lovely cup and saucer ($58) before high-tailing it out of there.

As I made my way back to my car I began to imagine that this is how I spent every day – out and about with my kids. Parks, play dates, swimming, shopping, library-ing, cafe-ing. Not home doing chores, not changing diapers, not wiping avacodo and drool of my baby’s chin or wiping my toddlers bum after a triumphant poo in the potty.

And Good Lord, not buried under mounds of laundry! Certainly not!

This morning I led the glamorous mom life that every girl dreams of before she becomes one herself. Or me at least. (Well, minus the $58 tea cup and saucer.)

And yes, there are moments of this – like today – enjoying a “life of leisure” with my littles. And there are other days, like yesterday where we spent all day cleaning and laundering and tripping over megablocks.

That’s it. Life as a SAHM – some of it is glamorous and leisurely, most of it’s not. But I’m learning to let it all be as worship unto God.

It’s in teh small that our greatest offereings are given.

I reminded myself that when I got home and sliced grapes and made one more PB&J.



Q for you: What are you doing that’s small and significant today?



p.s. Went over time today. Again.


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