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Probably not worth the two minutes it would take to read this

I certainly didn’t think this through very well.

When I decided to start this blog it was all about the disicpline of writing for five minutes each day coupled with the disicpline of leaving it “as is” – unedited. I knew that would be hard. (It is.)

But what i wasn’t thinking about was the fact that though five minutes might be “easy” and “doable”, life doesn’t structure itself neatly around my little ideas.

All day I have been feeling nausious. (For the life of me I don’t know how to spell that one – help me spell check!) By the time tonight rolled around all I wanted was to lay in bed until I either puked or… um, released all the uneasiness in the toilet. (TMI? I think, yes.)

When my husband got home from work I took a three-hour nap. I’m still not feeling better, but I was hungry so I got up. (How I can feel both sick and hungry at the same time is beyond me, but wahtever.)

So I got up, ate some crackers adn then spent the next 20 minutes in teh bathroom. (gross.)

Now I am here.

Why? Becuase I’m stubborn? (I don’t want to let this thing beat me.) Because I’m proud? (I said I would so I neeeed to…) Or because I;m practicing discipline? (The first two hold more water to be honest.)

But what will I do when I travel overseas and across time zones? What will I do when I’m in Papua New GUinea for three weeks later this year where my internet access will be limited? What will I do if I get sick?

Tehse are all questions I did not think about when impulsively starting this project. (Duh.)

So here I am, a crap post “becuase I should”, but it counts for something, right?

Doesn’t the fact taht I’ve “shown up” count for something?



Q for you: How often do you do things you “should”… and then wonder later if you really should?




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