what, when, & why?

I write five minutes a day, every day. And then… I hit “publish”.

You think I’m forgetting something? The spell check? The editing? The “crafting” of my work?

Nope, not forgotten. Skipped.

Why in the world would I publish something that holds the potential to be the worst piece ever written in the history of… ever?

Many reasons:

To grow in discipline.

To beat out my inner perfectionist.

To learn how to write succinctly.

To practice the ability to write-on-demand.

To let the creativity and thoughts flow uninterrupted and unhindered.

To deliberately not over think and overanalyze.

To crush my pride.

To put into practice authenticity.

To uncover my true voice.

I write here because allowing others to see that I am flawed is difficult… and extremely liberating all at once.  

I write here because I can.

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