Fear and love and letting go

If I’m honest with myself I can see a few areas of fear in my life:

Fear of doing something that I feel is important but turns out to be viewed by others insignificant or a waste of time.

Fear of doing something that has the potential to be much bigger than I think I can handle.

Fear of offending someone by offering an alternative opinion.

Fear of not being able to finish what I start.

Fear of being misunderstood.

All of us have fears, and if we’re not careful our fears can paralyze us, keep us from even attempting to move beyond hte comfortable here-and-now.

As someone who is not typically “fearful” by personality, I’ve been thinking about fear a bit lately. I’ve seen it creep into areas of my writing and sharing and living and… I don’t like it.

Since I’m a Christian, my view of fear directly stems from my understanding of scripture and of God’s character. The bible says that “perfect love drives out fear”. If that’s the case, then I must need more “perfect love” in my life.

I also know that fear correlates with my view of God adn my attitude toward him.

Do I place his opinion above that of others? (In “christianese” we call this fear of hte Lord vs. fear of man.)

So how about facing some of tehse fears? How about trusting on a new level?

How about letting go just a little bit more?

How about choosing fear of the Lord?



Q for you: What do you do when you recognize fear creeping into your life?




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7 responses to “Fear and love and letting go

  • lifelibertyeducation

    Typically when I see fear creeping in a hide in my bed with a pillow over my head …..but I am working on that. On rare occasions I manage to ask God for a bit of help and push through the fear if it really needs pushing through. Most of my fears are social though so typically the hiding in my room avoidance sorts it well. LOL

  • t

    When I recognize it, I typically say “oh, not YOU again,” and then after a bit of mopey self-loathing I step through, or around it, depending on its scope.

  • Branson

    I can definitely identify with this one… this has been a big year for me so far in the way of letting go of fear of being judged by the world and accepting that living the way I feel God wants me to is what matters. Not easy, though… especially when most people just think I am a little backwards, haha

    • Adriel Booker

      you know, i think we fear being judged much more than we’re actually judged. pretty sure that’s one of the enemy’s greatest strategies – planting insecurities and “what if’s” into our radar…

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